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2022-06-22, 11:01

Midsommar plans

What's everyone's Midsommar plans this year?

Some friends, my boyfriend and I rented a stuga in Sundsvall for the weekend. Anyone have any fun plans? What are some typical Midsommar traditions that you like to follow?

My favourite is making flower crowns!

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Marinas Mix
2022-06-22, 15:00

The tradition of a single woman is to put seven different flowers beneath the pillow, so she will dream of her future husband.
MY tradition: Put 9 different beads beneath the pillow and hopefully dream about some new beadprojects.

Hostess at Bead Craft

2022-06-22, 15:21

I've never heard of that tradition before! Thanks for sharing. I hope you dream up some beautiful bead projects.

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Marinas Mix
2022-06-22, 18:05

Here it is the full tradition from a long time ago when there was more farmers around:
One of the most classic midsummer traditions is to put seven kinds of flowers under the pillow during the midsummer night. According to tradition, the flowers should be picked in silence, because if the silence is broken, the magic is also broken. Once the flowers have been picked, they should be placed under the pillow and then dream about their intended purpose during the night.

The ritual also involves climbing over as many fences (7 gärdsgårdar), something that is more rare now than in the old peasant society. But maybe it's worth a try anyway?

Hostess at Bead Craft

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