Södermalm Bar Suggestions for Pub Crawl

2018-09-13 12:00 #0 by: Evelina


So I am organising a (sort of) pub crawl for the students in my Master's program. There will be about 10-12 people going. I thought about staying in the Södermalm area of Stockholm since it is usually cheaper than elsewhere. 

They haven't come up with any suggestions for bars. So I am turning to you! 

At least at the first place, I would like to book a table and then we will move one from there by foot. So far, I haven't been able to come up with a good place! 

Any suggestions? 

2018-09-13 12:01 #1 by: Evelina

I have already contacted Brewdog in Söder because I remember seeing reserved tables last time I was there. But I am waiting for an email  back. 

2018-09-13 14:56 #2 by: Niklas

Söder isn't really my bar district (if I have one), but I found a post on Quora that might get you started.

» What are the best bars and clubs in Södermalm, Stockholm? - Quora

2018-09-13 17:38 #3 by: Evelina

#2 Oh thanks, actually this just reminded me of a place I went to once and they have a lot of tables for groups, Krogen Soldaten Svejk. 

2018-09-13 20:08 #4 by: jordan

I wouldn't know anything about Södermalm, but you can't go wrong with Cafe Bojan Laughing out loudLaughing out loud

2018-09-13 20:12 #5 by: Evelina

#4 I feel like you can go wrong by going to Bojan 😂


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