10 reasons why Sweden is so great

2018-05-10 20:08 #0 by: jordan

Just seen that Buzzfeed have published an article on why Sweden is so great Laughing

These are the reasons they give are:

Parental leave

Free education

Paid education

5 weeks paid vacation

Sick children care

Health care


Work 40 hours a week

Surrounded by good-looking people

Swedish FIKA

While some are pretty valid (I'm so jealous of free education!), the surrounded by good looking people is a little silly Laughing out loud

Buzzfeed Article

2018-05-11 08:14 #1 by: Evelina

Most of these are the reasons why I moved to Sweden to take advantage of my dual citizenship! Glad 

2018-05-14 06:30 #2 by: Maddie

I'm a mother of a 14 month old boy and let me tell you - the parental leave is great. I was home for 11 months fulltime, with his father being home with us on mondays. Then we were home together for 6 weeks. Then his father took over full time and will be home until our son is 1,5 years old. It's been great. Glad

And about the 40 hour week - is that a good thing?! Scared *Looking at Norway*


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