Sweden's recycling is so good it imports waste

2018-03-28 19:33 #0 by: jordan

This report by The Independent describes the recycling situation in Sweden in comparison to England. While just 1% of waste goes to landfill in Sweden, only 44% of waste is recycled in England.


2018-03-29 09:35 #1 by: Niklas

Yeah, its a sort of a two-edged sword though. The waste burning plants can't filter out all of the chemicals in the smoke, which means that wherever the plant is might not be the most healthy place to live. We almost ended up getting one of those plants a couple of kilometers away from our neighborhood. Thanks to a lot of lobbying the community scrapped those plans, at least for now. It wasn’t even our own waste they planned on burning, but imported from the Baltic’s, where you don’t know what may be in the garbage. If I don’t misremember they planned to have more than a hundred semi-trucks unloading every day.

2018-04-01 14:28 #2 by: jordan

#1 that sounds intense! It certainly shows how the presentation of information is important. I would never have known about the bad points about the scheme otherwise,as the UK would only focus on the good.

2018-04-01 19:31 #3 by: Niklas

That's very true.


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