Sweden 9th happiest country in the world

2018-03-19 11:31 #0 by: Niklas

According to the World Happiness Report 2018, the Nordic countries all are at the top 10 of the happiest countries in the world. Finland tops the list while Norway, Denmark and Iceland are 2, 3 and 4.

The report also ranks happiness for foreign-born individuals. That list is almost identical in top 10.

1. Finland
2. Denmark
3. Norway
4. Iceland
5. New Zealand
6. Australia
7. Canada
8. Sweden
9. Switzerland
10. Mexico

2018-03-21 18:17 #1 by: Evelina

We would be even happier if it were a bit more sunny!!

2018-03-21 18:41 #2 by: Niklas

Yes, despite the winter darkness we reached 8th place. :-)


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