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2021-03-24, 17:54

Sweden finally gets decent salsa

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PSA that after living here for 6 years, Sweden finally started selling some authentic-like salsas. Here are two. My favorite is the chipolte salsa from el taco truck. It isn’t too spicy. Normally, this type of salsa is very spicy, but this one isn’t.

2021-03-29, 11:13

I thought salsa was supposed to be chunky. 😀 The Chipotle name fooled me. At first I thought it was from the Chipotle enterprise.

We use different brands of organic salsa. Mostly from Ica I ❤️ Eco and Garant.

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

2021-03-29, 12:01

It depends on the type. But, it is usually not chunky. At least not at various Taqueria’s in California. The only chunky kind I can think if is pico de gallo.

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