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2019-09-11, 20:11

The 'other' best places in Sweden to visit!

As we all know, Sweden is a remarkable place to visit, with many arriving to take in its remarkable landscape, rich heritage and unique culture!

While you may be aware of the Vasa Museum, Drottingholm Palace and Gamla Stan, there are plenty other places to see that can make your trip to Sweden worthwhile. Here are a few highlights!


The perfect place to see how Vikings back in the day lived and worked! Established around 700AD, Birka is among Sweden's very first towns, although only 200 years after the people of the town began to abandon it, leaving behind many remnants of the past.


Often referred to as the place where Sweden begins, Sigtuna is a beautiful location full of history and natural splendour. With a number of historic runes, ruins to explore and a number of great lakes, Sigtuna represents a place to take a step back, have a swim, and let the worries float away! It also gives you an opportunity to see what past architecture in Sweden looked like, with the famous red buildings that you would expect to see outside the major cities.


Abisko is a place where you can fully experience what it is like north of the Arctic Circle, while also remaining in Sweden! Reindeer and natural beauty galore, Abisko offers lakes and mountains, making it one of the best places to hike in the country. As a geography nerd, many of the landforms you may read about are present here, offering a great place to rest as you watch the Northern Lights unfold before your very eyes!

What are your lesser known hotspots in Sweden?

2019-09-12, 13:45

I am very fond of the High Coast (Höga Kusten). It’s a vast area in northern Sweden where land uplift (after the ice age) is the highest in the world. About 9 millimeters per year, totaling 800 meters since the last ice cover. It’s hard to explain what the High Coast is since there are so many things, but if you like beautiful nature, I think you will like it.

As it happens, my family has a summer house on an island in the High Coast. I have spent summers there my whole life. So has my mother, my grandmother and her parents before me. 🙂

» Welcome to The High Coast of Sweden - Established 10,000 years ago

The image shows some of the places I visited in the High Coast this summer.

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

2019-09-12, 15:10

On their page it says that you can reach it within an hour by plane from Stockholm Arlanda, is that how you get there?

It does look absolutely spectacular as well! I can see why it has been given the title of a World Heritage Site!

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2019-09-13, 10:44

We always go by car. It’s a vast area and to see as much as possible you need to be able to get around.

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

2019-09-13, 18:51

I see! I guess having a car handy makes it a lot more convenient!

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