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2018-09-26, 13:45

Swedish world records you haven’t heard of

It seems Swedes are fond of setting world records. How about these:

  • A 950 kilometer large scale model of the solar system.

  • Largest villade made of ice.

  • A candle that was over 24 meter long. This record was set in 1897 and still hasn’t been beat.

  • Throwing a match stick almost 19 meters.

  • The worlds largest twins registry (194,000 twins).

  • Longest time living under an assumed identity.

  • 462 kilo vegan cake.

  • The world record of most YouTube subscribers is held by PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg).

  • The worlds first music streaming service with more than 100 million users (Spotify).

  • The worlds largest apparel brand (H&M).

  • The worlds largest furniture company (IKEA).

Read all details at The Local:

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