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2018-09-18, 12:02

Sweden best at contributing to global development

Think tank Center for Global Development has published its yearly report, Commitment to Development Index 2018, on how the worlds 27 richest countries contribute to global development. This year Sweden came out number one on the list. Denmark and Finland/Germany was 2nd and 3rd. Poland, Greece and South Korea placed last. The United States placed 23rd.

Some of the factors that brought Sweden to the top of the ranking is its foreign aid program, migration and controlling climate change. An area where Sweden ranks low, is its weapons export to undemocratic countries. Another is weak governmental Support for research and development.

”Sweden scores highest overall on the migration component, strengthened by its integration policies and acceptance of refugees and migrants from poorer countries.”

» Commitment to Development Index 2018 | Center For Global Development

» Rapport: Sverige bäst på att bidra till global utveckling - Nyheter (Ekot) | Sveriges Radio

(Photo by rawpixel at Unsplash)

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