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2018-05-11, 17:13

Swedish is easy to learn

At least if you are an English speaker, the Swedish language is pretty easy to learn. Swedish and English share 1,558 words. Words that are spelled and mean exactly the same (alligator, April, arm, hand, radio, television). There are also a lot of words that are more or less the same but is spelled a little differently (telephone and telefon, knife and kniv, book and bok, cycle and cykel). Swedish has just three letters more than the English language (å, ä and ö).

“According to the Foreign Serivce Institute (FSI), the US government's diplomatic training agency, Swedish ranks as one of the ten easiest languages for English speakers to learn. Others include Italian, Norwegian, Danish and Portuguese.”

Read more in an interesting article at The Local:

Five reasons why it's actually quite easy to learn Swedish - The Local

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

2018-05-11, 23:58

Although I didn't learn any Swedish while I was there, it was handy when there were words that were spelt similarly like the ones you mention above. At least I could read some of the signs in the supermarket Laughing out loud

2018-05-12, 08:08

Wow, I didn't realize there were so many shared words!

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