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2018-05-11, 19:43

What is klämdag?

When you live in Sweden, you will get acquainted with ”klämdag.”

If a public holiday happens on a Thursday or Tuesday, there will be one day, a Monday or Friday, between the holiday and the weekend. It's squeezed in between the holiday and weekend. ”Klämdag” means ”squeeze-day” in Swedish. Many Swedes take the opportunity to take a day off on ”klämdagar” to have a long weekend. If, for instance, a national holiday is on a Thursday, you can take Friday ”klämdag” off and have four whole days free.

Yesterday was Ascension Day in Sweden. Since it was a Thursday, today is a typical klämdag.

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

2018-05-11, 23:50

I had not heard of this before! Sounds like a good thing to have, only use one days holiday to set up a short break for yourself 🙂

2018-05-12, 13:21

It's great! I've always though that it was a thing in every other country as well, but I guess not?

For me it seems obvious to have these "klämdagar", but then of course I've always lived in Sweden.

Is it the same in Norway/Denmark? Or is it not a scandinavian thing?

- Emmy

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2018-05-12, 14:32

No idea. I've never heard about how the other Nordic countries do.

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

2018-05-14, 21:33

#2 We have bank holidays usually on Mondays, so the opportunity is there to extend your weekend, I think it's just there isn't a specific name for it like there is in Sweden 🙂

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