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2018-04-24, 11:33

UN Secretary-General call Sweden a bridge-builder

"Sweden has been consistently a bridge-builder in its action on the Security Council. In a world in which we have seen tension – I believe we can even talk of the resumption of the Cold War in many of its aspects – Sweden has fully abided by the values of human rights, the need to make sure that international law is respected, and at the same time tried to reduce tensions, bringing together different actors in the international scenario."

'Exemplary' Sweden a bridge-builder: UN Secretary-General - The Local

(Photo by Teresita Garit at Unsplash)

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

2018-04-25, 00:03

Sweden has always struck me as a 'neutral' country in the international system, making them a model for Europe especially.

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