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2018-04-20, 21:18

Royal Armoury - Livrustkammaren

Yesterday I visited The Royal Armoury, located in the spectacular and beautiful cellar vaults of the Royal Palace in Stockholm.

I viewed the 'I love you madly' exhibition that takes a look at the Swedish count Hans Axel von Fersen and his relationship to one of the of the world´s most famous women, the French queen Marie-Antoinette. The exhibition included many carriages, though the main carriage exhibition was advertised to be starting soon. What I saw was very interesting but relatively small so I only spent around half an hour here. 

Nonetheless, it is free entry so makes a great addition if you are visiting the Royal Palace or the old town (Gamla Stan). Also if you have children, there is a children’s room for them to try dresses and knight costumes, play, read and draw.

All the best, Leia

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2018-04-20, 22:57

I agree that it is a great place to visit, even for just a little while. However I will say that they should definitely update the signs around Gamla Stan, as it took a while to find.

2018-04-21, 18:31

Very interesting. I will have to check it out the next time I am in Stockholm.

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