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2018-03-20, 13:05

Your favorite places in Sweden

If you were to recommend a friend bound for Sweden one or two places to visit, which ones would you choose? I think Stockholm has a lot to offer. The archipelago, the old town, the Wasa museum, lots of good restaurants, and its easy to get around using public transport, walking or bike sharing.

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

2018-03-21, 13:23

I have been to Stockholm, Uppsala and Gothenburg and I feel that Stockholm has by far the most to offer.

All the best, Leia

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2018-03-22, 11:12

You cannot go to sweden without visiting Stockholm, here are a few of my tips that hasn't been mentioned:

Gröna Lund: Some of the biggest musicians come to Stockholm to perform in Gröna Lund each summer. This year (2018), you can see Europe, Thirty seconds to Mars. Macklemore, Icona Pop, Marilyn Manson, The Offspring, Gene Simmons band and MORE. And you only pay 270SEK for free entrance all summer.

Pharmarium: Cactailbar/restaurant in Old town. The premises was once one of the first pharmacies in Sweden and it shows in the interior. The drinks are insane, containing gold, fresh flowers, birchwood smoke, hay and liquorice. And they are all good.

Yasuragi: A bit pricey, but this japan-inspired spa outside of Stockholm is just wonderful. Best part is, you never have to wear any clothes since all are supposed to wear a Japanese kind of bathrobe called yukata. Comfy!

But if you have some more time and want to see more of Sweden:

Midsummer in Dalarna: They just do it the best. Violins, flowers, dancing, strawberries.. and some rain.

Riksgränsen: Skip the plane and take the twenty-something hour long train ride. Have some wine, look at the mooses outside of the window and talk to the others. You are most likely all going to the same place. Go in May or June to see the midnight sun.

Ferry boats: Not technically Sweden I guess but very Swedish. Take the boat to Estonia or Finland and back. The Christmas fair in Tallinn is nice.

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2018-03-22, 12:42

#2: I too liked Tallinn a lot. It's a beautiful old town full of history. It was once part of Sweden. The trip there from Stockholm is very cheap when you go by boat. I think we paid a little over 120 USD for two adults and a 6 year old last year. That included two nights on the boat. Tallinn is a very tourist friendly town with many English speaking people.

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

2018-03-22, 13:11

I think I would recommend Höga kusten. If I would recommend a big city it probebly would be Östersund, mostly becouse of Jamtli but it's a Beautiful city with alot of other turist attractions and off course you have to try to find Storsjöodjuret

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2018-03-22, 13:51

My wife is from Höga kusten and our country house is on an island in Höga kusten. There are many things to see around there. Skuleberget and Skuleskogen, Rotsidan, Norrfällsviken, and Ulvön, for example. And the old cold war fortress on Hemsön.

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

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